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Opera in the pub:
Get ready for a unique experience

We’ve partnered with Opera Bites to bring to you the world’s favourite opera highlights here at the Harold.

On the 3rd of October, listen to the Voices of Opera. Why does the tenor love the soprano and why is the baritone always the bad guy?  Join us as we explore the various voice types of the opera world, what roles they sing and the characters they play. Expect glorious arias and ensembles aplenty, tunes you will know (and a few you might not) – whether you’ve seen a hundred operas, a handful or none at all. 

Tickets include a 90-minute fully costumed show, upstairs on the

3rd of October.


We’ll be offering a delicious selection of gastronomic food from our menu and snacks to accompany your evening, available for separate purchase before, during or after the show. Drinks will be available to order during the show.


Get ready to experience a memorable night of opera, beer, wine, tasty food, and enjoyable company!

Early bookings are highly recommended as previous events have completely sold out.

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